Sindh Flood Emergency Rehabilitation Project

P&DD Component, Government of Sindh

Phone: 021- 34166274

House#D1,Street-1, Block-3 Clifton, Karachi

About Us

Sindh Flood Emergency Rehabilitation Project aims to rehabilitate infrastructure that was damaged by the 2022 floods and provide short-term livelihood opportunities to affected residents. In the long term, the project will build Sindh province’s capacity to respond to the impacts of climate change and natural disasters.

The project will rehabilitate damaged infrastructure adopting a build back better approach to make it more resilient to disaster and climate impacts. This includes repairing irrigation, drainage and flood protection infrastructure to restore agricultural production and make it more climate resilient. It will also support the reconstruction of road networks and support improvements to make the roads more climate-resilient and safer for pedestrians and commuters. The project will also fund the repair and upgrading of water supply and sanitation infrastructure damaged by the floods in selected districts. Water infrastructure will be upgraded to provide safe, treated water for residents and street drainage will be built for stormwater.

Through a cash-for-work program and other emergency support, the project will also support the livelihoods of affected communities. The cash for work program will give households in affected villages short-term opportunities to earn an income by participating in disaster cleanup and restoration of community level infrastructure. Emergency support will also help smallholder livestock farmers restock lost animals and improve the health of their existing animals.

Finally, the project will help make Sindh’s institutions more resilient and responsive in future disasters. The Sindh Emergency Rescue Services will be expanded to 9 additional districts, providing life-saving emergency response and rescue services to more communities. The project will also improve government capacity to plan, coordinate, and implement disaster management and disaster recovery activities.

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